Helps When a Fine Sista is a Fan

I was in the midst of some serious pussy withdrawals so I gave Derek a call and asked him to come with me to the local college for a scouting mission. It was a slow day at the campus and we were just about to move on to another location when we saw this fine coed sister in a tight jean mini skirt and a mid drift top walking by. I tossed my football over in her direction and she picked up the ball to bring it over to me. I figured that was at least a conversation starter. Maliah wasn’t really fooled by my ploy because when she came up to us, she recognized me. She basically told me she knew what we did and that she could use the extra cash over the slow summer months so off we went to the studio with no selling involved at all. When we got there, I got my hand all up her skirt and squeezed Maliah’s firm ass. It was within seconds that her knees hit the floor and my black dick was in her mouth. Maliah could suck some dick and she did her best to get all of by massive meat down her throat. I started banging her wet shaved snatch doggie style before Maliah wanted to ride me. This girl was a super freak and I like girls that are a little nasty. It’s such a turn on for me. My cock was ready to blow when I pulled it out and shot my juice all over her tits and stomach. Now Maliah can saw she really knows me.

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