I Nut Smacked Stacey Adams

The mall has always been a hot spot for me to work my Mac Daddy routine on the ladies so when I saw this hot number named Stacey strutting her stuff from the parking garage, I just had to throw it out there. The thing was Stacey had a little game in her too. I could tell she was digging on everything I was giving her but I let her do her thing until I knew the time was right to go at her strong. Stacey was some fine looking stuff so I was going to do all I could do the bust that walnut ass of hers. She finally broke down like I knew she would and went back to the studio with us. I knew this ho was a freak because she went after my cock like she was going to swallow that black monster whole. I turned Stacey around and pumped away on her wet pink pussy doggie style, slapping my nuts hard on that round backside of hers. She wanted to do some fucking of her own so she jumped on top of my swollen dick and rode me raw. Stacey about wore me out until I blasted a sticky cum remembrance of me all over those big round tits of hers. I’m thinking after this experience, I ought to rent some space at that mall.

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